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Aromatherapy ‘Small Bag’ Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy ‘Small Bag’ Essential Oil Diffuser

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Our new designed wooden ‘Small Bag’ aromatherapy diffuser – escape the hustle and bustle of modern life with soothing aromatherapy.

Inspired by natural materials, the natural aroma diffuser provides pleasant aromas, relaxing environment anywhere. Ideal for home / office /bedroom / living room/study/yoga/office/spa.

If you are no stranger to natural living, you’ve probably already knew about using essential oil diffuser to improve health, increase your energy or help you sleep better, and there are some more, such as elevate mood, ward off illness, help you breathe easier, relieve pain and repel insects etc.

Please use 100% natural essential oils. Oils containing chemical ingredients, flavors and impurities may cause damage to the diffuser.

Large 140ml water Capacity, ultrasonic vibrations turn the water and oil into an ultrafine scented mist that make your room smell better. 

✨3-in-1 Function
Besides used in aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser also functions well as an small humidifier and night light. This ultrasonic aroma diffuser runs for 7 hours in high mist 14 hours in low mist mode continuously.

✨Safe for Every One
This 140ml essential oil diffuser is absolutely BPA-free. With the waterless auto-off and ultra- quiet design, this aroma diffuser can be put on your nightstand.

1.Do not add essential oils through the mist output.
2.Clean the water tank for each oil changes because essential oils mixture may release unpleasant smell.
3.Do not use metal or hard objects to clean the oscillator.
4.It is an essential oil diffuser, but you can use it as a small humidifier without oils.

Packing included:
1x Sack Essential Oil Diffuser
1x User manual
1x USB charger cable
1x Gift box

All because You deserve one!

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